Colour Me Positive Week 15, 2018

Hello and welcome to the Colour Me Positive Weekly Creative Challenge!  This is an opportunity to get your creative juices flowing with weekly prompts to inspire you and support you in your creative journey. Each Friday a new prompt will be posted every Friday on this blog. You can get the prompt delivered straight into your inbox by subscribing HERE.


The prompt includes a quote, an image, and a colour frame and you are free to use any or all elements as a springboard for your project. There isn’t a wrong way to interpret the prompt, simply allow it to guide your creativity in a way that feels good to you. You don’t need specific tools, products or materials, you just need you!


Who is willing to let go of reality for a while and dive into the world of imagination. I love the act of creating some kind of art everyday, even if it is just to make a scribble, patchy or sloppy mess on the page. It is often in this space of playfulness that we can let our imaginations expand. And if you are willing you can follow that imagination into another strange world, far removed from reality. Lets face it reality can be something we all need to give ourselves a break from more often. Go make art.

cdmp2018week15 5.50


This week’s feature artist if Petra Berendson and this is her journal creation from Week 12 prompt. Petra uses her art journalling to express a deeper more personal side as she seeks to make contact with her inner self. The act of art journalling can mean so many things to many.  The girl child looks like she is imagining all sorts of wild possibilities for herself and we as adult selves need to let her out to make it happen. Fantastic work Petra with your collage of encouragment.

Petra Berendson Feature

Journaling I really only discovered about 2 years ago when I joined this amazing and totally inspiring group. Since then working in my journal has morphed from an act of enjoying creating art into something deeply personal, into a true journey of discovery. It has given me the confidence to go beyond boundaries, has encouraged me to let go.


Did you know there is a Colour Me Positive Facebook Community? Our Facebook group is a safe, welcoming space for members to gather, share and support one another. You can find the group HERE.


You are welcome to share the art you’ve created using the prompts, and encouraged to share and engage with others.


*This group is for the purpose of sharing the art you create using the weekly prompts as well as support and community.


It is not for promotion and all interactions will be kept positive, respectful and encouraging.


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