Colour Me Positive Week 12, 2018

Hello and welcome to the Colour Me Positive Weekly Creative Challenge!  This is an opportunity to get your creative juices flowing with weekly prompts to inspire you and support you in your creative journey. Each Friday a new prompt will be posted every Friday on this blog. You can get the prompt delivered straight into your inbox by subscribing HERE.


The prompt includes a quote, an image, and a colour frame and you are free to use any or all elements as a springboard for your project. There isn’t a wrong way to interpret the prompt, simply allow it to guide your creativity in a way that feels good to you. You don’t need specific tools, products or materials, you just need you!


This week I have something from Will Smith. You have to think the thought first before you can take the action. But sometimes between the thinking you can and the action required to do it, we can get doubts about whether we are good enough. We worry to much about the result and not about the process. We all need to start with our first step and we need to believe we can be enough just for today to start. What are you going to tell yourself that you can do?



This weeks feature artist is Vikki Wittington. Vikki has a background in cardmaking but she really wanted to try art journalling. A great role model for saying ‘I can’ and taking those first steps to trying something new. Those first steps to art journalling have led her to try new ways of expressing herself through her own hand drawn explorations. Judging from her commentary when Vikki uploaded this to the Facebook group for Week 8, I’d say she is right on track to finding the place where her art wants to lead her. All because she said ‘I can’. I’m looking froward to seeing where your art adventures take you as you work through the Colour Me Positive prompts

Vikki Wittington Feature Artist

One of my new year resolutions for 2018, was to join in at CMP as much as possible. I have really been enjoying what I have created this year and I think it is because I have found my groove. I don’t believe I am a journaller and I think that is reflected in my artwork.

I have stopped trying to be what I thought was a journallers style and gone with what comes naturally to me, clean and simple and just go with what feels right.


Did you know there is a Colour Me Positive Facebook Community? Our Facebook group is a safe, welcoming space for members to gather, share and support one another. You can find the group HERE.


You are welcome to share the art you’ve created using the prompts, and encouraged to share and engage with others.


*This group is for the purpose of sharing the art you create using the weekly prompts as well as support and community.


It is not for promotion and all interactions will be kept positive, respectful and encouraging.



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