Colour Me Positive Week 6, 2018

Welcome to the Colour Me Positive, a weekly creative challenge where you get to express yourself with some art making using the weekly prompt below. Use the quote, image or colour frame to inspire you to express yourself creatively. You can use all three elements or just one. It’s up to you.

The Colour Me Positive Facebook group is a place where artists of all levels come to share their work inspired by the prompts. New members are most welcome.

Add 54. Everythign has beauty but not everyone sees it – andy warholbvxfzxzheading


This weeks featured art is by Sue Wheeler that she made for the Week 2 prompt. I loved the big bold colours and the simple shapes with their lively sketchy black lines. You can see more of what Sue makes and creates at her Instagram account @soonymary .


Sue has been participating in the Colour Me Positive challenges since the very beginning and been experimenting with art for longer.

Mixed Media and collage are currently  favourites of mine, though I began with oils then worked with acrylics and pastels for a long time. I think I just enjoy experimenting with art materials and techniques and following the “what if…” question to see where it takes me. Layers fascinate me and I try to never give up on a piece. Sometimes adding layers can send work in a totally new direction.


The Colour Me Positive community has a Facebook page where art is shared and relationships are built. Sharing is optional but positively encouraged. You can find the Facebook Group HERE

Create because you want to play.
Create because you want to learn.
Create because you are inspired by something.
Create because you want to share.
Create an art journal page.
Create a canvas.
Create some digital art.
Create…..just because.

Please keep the art work you share to the Colour Me Positive Facebook group political and agenda free. Only share your own work that you created inspired by the weekly prompt. Interact with others in a positive way that promotes all the good feels.


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