Colour Me Positive Week 5, 2018

Welcome to the Colour Me Positive, a weekly creative challenge where you get to express yourself with some art making using the weekly prompt below. Use the quote, image or colour frame to inspire you to express yourself creatively. You can use all three elements or just one. It’s up to you.




Starting this week, I want to share work created by the Facebook group members for the Colour me Positive weekly prompts. These will be retrospective works of prompts posted in previous weeks. I hope you enjoy the first of many and varied art works and the artists, that will be featured here.

This was made by Deezy Art for Week 1.  I love the painterly background, the starry splatters and the silhouettes. But what really drew me in was those sparklers. The starbursts look light, flashy, fiery and spontaneous.

DeezyArt CMP jan2018

While Deezy has been part of the Colour Me Positive for quite a while, this is her first time posting and sharing. Deezy is not new to living a creative life, she is also making a living through creativity. In her own words…

In daily life I work as an activity supervisor in mental health care. I love my daily job! I am not allowed to do anything else but to keep myself busy with all my hobbies and to convey my enthusiasm about those hobbies and my creativity to people who need it very much. My work has also made me realize that I am more than blessed with a lot of creative talent, which I had never thought of before.

Thank you Deezy for letting your light shine in our group too.

You can find out more about what Deezy creates at Deezy Art. One word. Colourful!!!



The Colour Me Positive community has a Facebook page where art is shared and relationships are built. Sharing is optional but positively encouraged. You can find the Facebook Group HERE

Create because you want to play.
Create because you want to learn.
Create because you are inspired by something.
Create because you want to share.
Create an art journal page.
Create a canvas.
Create some digital art.
Create…..just because.

 Only share your own work that you created inspired by the weekly prompt. Interact with others in a positive way that promotes all the good feels.




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