Colour Me Positive Week 3

Welcome to the Colour Me Positive, a weekly creative challenge where you get to express yourself with some art making using the weekly prompt below. Use the quote, image or colour frame to inspire you to express yourself creatively. You can use all three elements or just one. It’s up to you.




As individuals we all have our unique make up, shaped by our genes, environment and experiences. Being unique is what makes something about ourselves special. A different view point. A different way of expressing ourselves, A different approach to solving problems. There is no one just like you anywhere, ever. And that is the story for everyone. No one is separate or more special in their uniqueness. Just different. That’s all.



I used this weeks prompt to finally try making a little watercolour of a jellyfish. I was quite mesmerised by the baby jellyfish at a recent excursion to an aquarium and made a mental note to introduce a jellyfish in my art somehow this year. I think the watercolour medium captures the translucent nature of the creature quite nicely. I was inspired by all three elements of the prompt this week. The image, the quote and bright green.

What will inspire you this week?


The Colour Me Positive community has a Facebook page where art is shared and relationships are built. Sharing is optional but positively encouraged. You can find the Facebook Group HERE

Create because you want to play.
Create because you want to learn.
Create because you are inspired by something.
Create because you want to share.
Create an art journal page.
Create a canvas.
Create some digital art.
Create…..just because.

Please keep the art work you share to the Colour Me Positive Facebook group political, religious and agenda free. Only share your own work that you created inspired by the weekly prompt. Interact with others in a positive way that promotes all the good feels.


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