CMP 2018 Week 2

Welcome to the Colour Me Positive creative challenge where you get to express yourself with some art making using the weekly prompt below.




Lately I’ve been doing a lot of visioning, and dreaming, and imagining. More than usual. And the more I spend moments of my day thinking about possibilities and what they may look like the more uplifted I feel about what I might be able to achieve if I was to take action. I like the way the quote opens up with “vision is the art…”. The more you do it, the more open you are to receiving other good ideas. It is a practice. Dream it first. And if you can take action on it you may be able to turn your invisible vision into something others can see. What art can you create this week that will bring your invisible vision out into the open?

Use the quote, image and/or colour frame to inspire some creativity in your art journal this week. We have a Facebook Group community where our members can upload and share with others the work they have created using the Colour Me Positive prompts. If you would like to sign up for future weekly prompts check out the Sign Me Up page.


CMP week 2 art

This quote got me thinking about how to make the invisible visible. I wrote the quote out in white wax Crayola crayon and then drew in some circles with other colour in the pack. All I could see was the coloured circles. Then I added a wash of watercolour over the top and all of a sudden the invisible words became visible. A fun, easy and quick technique for times when you need a little art play.

Go forth and create something positive.


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