CMP 2018 Week 1

Welcome to the first Colour Me Positive inspiration quote for 2018. It’s a new year with new beginnings for many. For the Colour me Positive community is a new beginning as we move into a new and dedicated blog home for the group. And of course, with me, Theresa Miers, a new leader . So with so many expectations of good things to come I picked this David Bowie quote to kick start our creative New Year.

When we start something, whether it be a new page in our art journal, trying a new skill, a new relationship, or even just a new day, we don’t have to know what the outcome will be. Sometimes it is even desirable not to know and just let the mystery unfold. What would it feel like just to enjoy the journey.




How to use this prompt.

Create some art using this prompt for inspiration. Each prompt tile has an image, a quote, and a colour frame. Feel free to use any or all of these three elements to jump start your art creation. This is an opportunity for you to notice what might inspire you to get your supplies out and start making something.

Sharing what you create also inspires others, so we have a Facebook group just for that purpose which you can find, HERE

You may have noticed a hashtag on the prompt card. Consider using this when you upload so others can easily find all the artwork created for that weeks inspiration.


CMP 2018 week 1 art

This is what I did with the Colour Me Positive Week 1 prompt. I thought a celebratory launching of a firecracker would fit the prompt and my current mood. What about you? What will you create this week? Let’s start 2018 with a bang!



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