Are you ready for Colour me Positive in 2018?

I trust you are all recovering nicely from the holiday season and ready to throw yourselves into your creative pursuits. Maybe you are continuing on a creative habit that you like to invest your time into, or maybe with the new year you are looking at a fresh new start to express yourself. Or maybe your are somewhere in between. What ever your purpose or intention is I want to say thank you for being here.

CMP Thank you

Now I have a confession to make. I have a lot to learn behind the scenes to keep all the good stuff coming your way in a timely and sequenced manner. The good news is I know enough about creating all the key parts, so one way or another you are going to get the weekly quotes, even if I have to manually activate each part to get them in front of your eyes. To help me to see what I may have missed I thought it would be a good thing for me to do a test run, which is the main purpose of this post.


I don't know everything


So let me ask you. Are you new to this challenge? Or maybe you are new to sharing your work with others because you feel nervous about all the newness of it all? Well, I am right there with you feeling and living that too, just by getting into the drivers seat of this inspiration challenge group. Thing is, we don’t have to know all the answers and have all the skills, we just have to start. Taking action will open our experiences and add to our learning. If your are new to creating art and sharing I really encourage you to join in.

If your not new to the challenge then your new thing is me! Thank you for those who have reached out to say welcome to me. I really appreciate it.

I recorded a small hello video for you all so you might get to know me a little better. Crossing my fingers it all works as I’m expecting it to. If you do watch, I give a little hint about what to expect in the first quote for 2018.


All things going well you’ll be getting your first weeks inspiration on 5 Jan 2018.

Thanks, Theresa.


3 thoughts on “Are you ready for Colour me Positive in 2018?”

  1. Hi Theresa, Happy New Year from Vancouver Island, Canada. Thank you for the video and introduction to you and the new Colour me Positive 2018. I am always ready for a challenge and like quotes to make me think outside the box and push me to try something new. Wanting to develop my page backgrounds more this year! Thanks for your commitment to the group who I know are appreciative of the global support 😃🌈🇨🇦


  2. Oh my goodness–you are SO sweet! Thank-you for taking this on. I’ve started in the past but life has gotten in the way. Your commitment and desire to jump in is so inspirational to me. I’m with you Theresa. You can do this! Thank-you!


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